Fall back in love with your closet, let us create with you a functional and fashionable wardrobe for everyday life. We know you are a smart, successful, beautiful woman and we want to find you the looks that illuminate your personal style and show off the HOT, confident, modern woman you are! <3 

Personal Styling -               $95/hour 

Having trouble identifying your individual, unique style? We are here for you! We will put your new and old pieces together to help update your old favourites while creating fresh new looks. We will provide you with detailed descriptions and photographs of your new outfits so you can always feel confident you have the wardrobe that works for you. 

Personal Shopping -                $95/hour 

​Putting your wardrobe plan into action can be overwhelming and we are here to help! We will save you time and energy by finding key pieces to work with your current wardrobe and within your budget. No need to even leave your bedroom, we will bring our selections right to you so you can test them out with your current wardrobe and make the final selections to suit your personality and personal style. 

Closet Session - ​                    $195/3 hrs

A professional wardrobe audit will have you loving your clothes again and help you pinpoint what key pieces are still missing. We will do a colour consultation to ensure you are wearing colours that compliment your skin tone, hair and eyes. A body analysis will be done during this session to help you discover how to dress to enhance your body shape. Dressing in styles that suit your body type will give you a new perspective on fashion, and have you feeling like the smoke show you are. Included in this session as well is a complete closet revival. We want to make your closet work for you, during the closet revival we will help you de-clutter, re-organize, and re-style pieces you already have. We will help you decide what to keep and what to donate, giving new life to your entire wardrobe. Of course along the way we will play dress-up and help repurpose clothing to freshen up your wardrobe. Finally we will create a wardrobe plan that includes a list of current items you will need to add to complete your wardrobe based on your personal style, personality and lifestyle.  

Belle's Boutique Muskoka